Overturn Citizen’s United

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Please consider sending a message to your Congressional representative urging them to support the overturning of Citizens United. Regardless of your party affiliation, this supreme court ruling is killing our democracy and placing our elections … Read More

New Service

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Senior Stories announces a new service for senior communities. We will come to a senior community facility once per quarter and video record senior residents telling some of their stories. This video will be edited … Read More

Midtown Magazine Article

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Raleigh’s Midtown Magazine published an article I wrote titled “Once Upon a Life” about the many and great benefits to seniors from telling their life stories. You can read the article here. http://www.midtownmag.com/generations/

Book Recommendation

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Looking for a great motivational book with real-world application and easy to read? Look no further than “What To Do When It’s Your Turn” by Seth Godin. The legendary marketing guru turns his attention to … Read More